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Great events happen with great volunteers! 

There are so many things that one can do to help out: from handing out posters on your block to sharing the cook-off website and social media posts with your friends – no help is too small! These may seem like small things, but just like the small amounts of color on an artists palette, tiny things can add up to one fabulous masterpiece!

There are volunteer opportunities for students and adults! Feel free to sign up for more than one shift or invite a friend to help together! **If a student wants to sign up but all the “student” roles are filled please email us and we will find a role for you!**

Online Sign Up (SignUpGenius) – Sign Up Now Closed! Check back in 2023! 

Email Us – cookoffvolunteer@gmail.com

These events wouldn’t happen without our many volunteers – and we have a lot of them – a deep, heart-felt thank you from the Highlands Parent Society for everyone who takes the time to read, help, share and participate.

2022 Chef Competitors