10 “Things to Know” About the Culinary Arts Cookoff

  1. We sell out FAST. We open the doors at 11am and are routinely sold out a full hour (or more) before the event ends at 2pm.
  2. We accept cash & debit/credit. Two lines will be formed one of which is CASH ONLY (watch for signage)
  3. Our event is public. Pictures will be taken by our volunteers and posted to our social media & websites.
  4. Although we are peanut aware, the foods may contain other allergens (including other nuts). Please check with the Chefs prior to consumption.
  5. We have a concession on site for beverages.
  6. Our live auction will be run by a professional auctioneer in 2018!
  7. Our silent auction closes 15 minutes after the live auction ends. Please listen for updates during the event.
  8. There is no admission fee.
  9. All our chefs, judges, parent committee members, event day helpers and school staff are volunteering their time.
  10. Short of a few small event expenditures (bowls, printing fees, bank machine rentals), 100% of all event day proceeds go directly back to the school to support our kids.
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