2018 Sponsors

Mount Royal relies on the donations of generous sponsors for every item available in the Silent & Live Auctions.  These two exciting auctions raise a large portion of the dollars needed for the special events, in-house artists and outings that Mount Royal is proud to provide to its students.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our sponsors. If you spot and error, we apologize in advance.  Please send us a note and we'll update the page.

2018 Private Donations

Nickela Anderson

Mrs. Alleyne

Sherrilee Bastos

The Honorable Deron Bilous

Debbie Bone

Carla Desjardins

Trisha Estabrooks

Isabel Fry

Mr. Graham

Jon Gilchrist

Alora Gilmour

Rae Hankens

Tracey Hirtle

Corinne Knop

Nadia Lindstrom

Dale Lochti

The Honorable Brian Mason MLA

Joanne McNab

Michelle Miller

Glenys Moore

Harry & Coby Mulder

Tim Paetkau

Ray and Barry Paulsen

Ted Smith

Lianne & Cam Traynor

Lorna Walker

Winget Family

Wright Family

Nancy Van Driel

Kelly Verhegge